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Please bring the following items with you when you pick up your car rental:
1. Your printed rental voucher.
2. A valid driver’s license which has been valid for the required period of time. (The length of the required period of time may vary according to the rental supplier. If the rental supplier does not state a specific period of time which the license must have been valid for, then the default required period of time is one year.) If your driver’s license is in a different language to the language of the country of use, a translated copy of your license that meets local requirements must be provided.
3. The credit card provided by the main driver must have sufficient payment credit. At pick-up, a pre authorization fee will be taken as deposit.
4. A valid photo ID (your passport or other internationally accepted ID).

A credit card is required for car rentals. A credit card must be used for car rental online payments, and is required to pay the deposit at pick-up.
Yes, you need to pay a deposit at pick-up to protect against damage and loss. The deposit is payable when you arrive at our branch for pick-up. The deposit amount is decided by the model you choose; The deposit amount will be frozen on the main driver’s credit card for the duration of the rental period. After the rental period is completed, the deposit will usually be returned to the same credit card within 14–28 working days.

During peak season June-Sept rental deposit will not be refund, others free cancellation 24 hours before pickup, $100 will be charged within 24 hours before pickup time as penalty, late pickup or early return will not refund the remaining rental fee; Cancellation or cancellation after pickup time will be charged the full rental fee(no refund of prepayment).

The rent is calculated on the basis of 24 hours as a day, and less than 24 hours are still calculated as one day.

According to international practice, when renting a car overseas, you usually reserve a certain type of car, you cannot book a specific type of car.

Car Service
Emergency handling of breakdowns and accidents during transportation
1, during the use of the car, if there is a scratch or collision, but it does not involve a third party, please call the car rental company emergency phone to inform the vehicle condition and ask whether the deduction fee, whether the need to change the car/alarm. If you need to rescue or change the car, please wait patiently for the car shop staff to come

2. In case of any accident involving a third party, no matter whether you are responsible for it or not, please call the police immediately, contact the car dealer to inform the accident information and keep the contact information of the third party involved (Contact number, license plate number, name, etc.), at the same time, please try your best to take photos of the accident scene, wait for the police to deal with or rescue the car, and obtain the accident identification report signed by the police and the details of the third party. When returning the car, please present the accident report issued by the police and fill in the accident report form or damage report from the rental company.

3. Keep copies of all rental documents if the car company’s insurance claims are involved. If you fail to follow this procedure correctly, your car insurance may lapse, which will compromise your right to compensation.

4. If theft occurs while using the car, please call the police as soon as possible and contact the emergency phone number of the car dealership to inform you of the theft.

If the malfunction is not due to improper use by the lessee, there is generally no additional charge to be incurred by the lessee. However, if the fault is caused by the negligence of the lessee, such as wrong fuel and illegal driving, the lessee shall bear the corresponding expenses, which shall be implemented according to the charging standard of the rental car store.
When picking up the car, the store will provide the receipt of the car or car rental contract, which generally has the emergency phone number of road rescue, you can call the phone directly for help. If there is no road rescue phone on the document, you can call the phone number of the store on the car pickup sheet and ask for help as instructed “roadside assistance”。The specific charge for road rescue depends on the maintenance of the rescue team.
When picking up your car, if you find any damage, please take a photo and record it, and immediately point it out to the shop staff to record it. When returning the car, if there is car damage checked by the car shop staff, you can take photos of the car and leave a record. The specific car damage appraisal report shall be provided by the car shop.
Additional equipment services available in stores usually include: child seats (or baby seats, heightening cushions)/snow tires /GPS/ spare tires, etc. Additional services are payable at the local store. If you want to rent additional services such as GPS or child seats at the store, check or indicate this in advance when filling out the order form.
Deduction fee received after returning the car for a period of time:
Generally, it is due to the traffic violation fines generated during the rental period or the toll and bridge toll generated during the car. If you have not received the ticket notification email for a long time, you can directly contact us for ticket information. We will respond as soon as possible.